About Springboard


version 2.0.5

Springboard is the name for the pretty frontend you're using on the Syndromatic website.

The website has been designed using a combination of the Wix Studio Pro WebApp, custom JavaScript code vis-a-vis the powerful SproutCore JavaScript WebApp framework, which together forms the SynCloud WebApp Framework. All this results in the website behaving like a sophisticated, well-crafted Web App with an almost native desktop app

like-feel, something simply not seen before in otherwise simple websites.

The website has been in constant development since the start of October 2020, with its look-and-feel and technological sophistication constantly evolving and changing throughout this time, towards the constant goal of ever-evolving finesse. While the first version of the website was a simple Web Portfolio Portal for my designs, the second version (Springboard 1.0) was elegant enough to mandate its own web System Framework, named Springboard after Apple's famous implementations of applet launchers on CloudOS (iCloud) and iOS.